[Space Symphony]


A toy that reminds people to be positive in the present and helps shape the way our brain processes the world.

Mental disorders are becoming a common social issue, however, it is often underestimated. Mental disorders will affect people’s mood, thinking, and behavior. At its worst, the disorders can lead to suicide. 

Based on research, it is possible to believe that if we can find a way to help people become positive in the present, we might be able to change the way our brain processes the world and might eventually affect reality.

This project was initiated in a poetic hardware class while I was trying to re-create the robots from Yuri Suzuki’s art piece called “Looks Like Music”, in order to learn the mechanism behind it. During the process, I wanted to alter the project and create hand-gesture-controlled robots that are able to detect the colors in our environment and transform the colors into playful sounds. In this way, to help people stay in the present and pay attention to the positive little things that are around us all the time.

#MentalHealth    #Toy    #Product    #Electronics    #Innovation   #DesignEngineering
Role: Design Engineer, HCI Researcher;

Project: Self-initiated

Year: 2020 (8 Weeks) Technically renovated in 2023;

Technical Instructions: CW&T [Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levy], MORAKANA [Tiri Kananuruk & Sebastian Morales], and Andy Law;

How might we find a way to become positive in the present?
How might we help change the way that your brain processes the world?

  1. Train ourselves to start paying attention to the existense of our environment by noticing the colors around us;
  2. Gamifies it by transforming the colors into sounds, with options of soundtracks including piano, violin, drum, and vocal;
  3. Move the robots around to detect different parts of the environment by hand-gesture-control, just like a conductor of a symphony;
  4. Customize your robot and start noticing and having fun with the little moments that are around us all the time!