[Building a Better Mouse App: New Modalities For HCI]

The rigid conventions for mouse and keyboard design are ripe for reinvention. We present a collection of new modalities for mouse and keyboard design, which explore possibilities that untether the user from the constraints of surfaces, both screens and tables, and investigate novel relationships to emerging HCI modalities that reconsider how we situate the user in physical and virtual space. We discuss our design process, and present a collection of prototypes that serve as provocations for this and future work. We conclude with a discussion about how these prototypes might provide new opportunities for HCI design in augmented and virtual reality, as well as their application to new possibilities for ubiquitous computing.

#Human-Computer Interaction    #Ubiquitous Computer    #Human Centered Design
Role: HCI Researcher, Interaction Design

Lab: Brown University Engineering and Computer Science Ian Gonsher 

Year: 2023

Collaborators: Ian Gonsher, Frank Carber, Jesse Gallant, Fuka Ikeda, Claire Poissonnier

Publish: IHIET 2023

COMING SOON                                                                 COMING SOON                                                                 COMING SOON