[Box Back]

Box Back is an add-on box recycling system to the Taobao app - the online shopping platform that is dominating the Chinese e-commerce industry.

As the demand for e-commerce continuously ascends, excessive use and waste of boxes becomes a common social issue. In China, Taobao from Alibaba has become a big part of people’s lives. Especially after the impact of Covid-19, the promotion of Double Eleven (similar to Black Friday), and the popularization of e-commerce live streaming, broad usage of boxes becomes inevitable. In this project, I will provide a solution to help the Chinese society form a box recycling system and thus protect our environment.

#App    #UX/UI    #Feature
Role: UX/UI Design;

Project: Self-iniciated Independent Project;

Year: 2021 [5weeks];

Collaborators: None;

Skills: Research, Ideation, UX/UI Design, Wireframe, Prototyping, 3D Modeling, Branding, Infographics